Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns

Joining a Fraternity is a big commitment, one about which you may have a lot of questions.
Below are answers to the most frequent concerns students have about fraternity membership and Triangle.

Why don't you have Greek letters? Aren't you a social fraternity?

Yes, Triangle is a social fraternity recognized by IFC. Triangle also puts emphasis on supporting our brothers in their goals for academic, professional, and social success which we feel makes us unique. We like to say we’re a STEM fraternity with social and leadership programs that better our men every day.

As for no Greek letters, we’re one of several fraternities that does not use Greek letters. Our founders felt the "Delta-T" was a better symbol of what we stood for and more representative of the STEM focus of our fraternity. With that said, we are still full members of the Pitt Greek community and always strive to do so.

I'm not sure I have the time to join a fraternity.

Most brothers find that being in Triangle actually helps them manage their time better. We have regular meetings and events we plan for you, so you don’t have to worry so much about what you’re going to do next week. We have members who know your classes, instructors and course load and can guide you to prepare more efficiently. Our chapter also has a set academic plan for all new members, which has seen great success.

Anything worth doing is going to take time, but we can help you get the most from the time you have. If you sit down and calculate every hour of the week and mark out classes/labs, study, sleep, exercise, meals and any other demands on your time, the average student will still come up with over 30 hours a week not committed to something. With an investment of a few of those hours, we’ll help you get much more out of your college experience and graduate more marketable.

I'm not sure I can afford the cost of fraternity membership.

If someone asked you if you’d pay 5% more tuition to have a better college experience and be more marketable when you graduate, almost everyone would say “YES!!”. That’s what Triangle does! It may be a slight extra cost but the value of the benefits is worth much more than the cost.

“It’s not the price, it’s the package”. Joining a fraternity is an additional cost of going to college, but it’s really a value-add worth much more than the cost. Non-members will still have expenses for entertainment, travel, food, events and other things to offset their academic experience. Fraternities plan and deliver those to you, so they’re interesting, meet your needs and save you time and money.

In addition – and perhaps most important – we are the only men’s STEM fraternity, to not only support your academic goals, but have leadership and education programs to build skills to make you more competitive in the job market. Finally, we have a network of successful alumni around the world working in the top STEM companies you want to work for.

I don't want my grades to suffer.

Anyone smart enough to pursue an engineering or other technical degree knows it’s going to be a challenge. Every single member in our chapter has been in your shoes and understands your situation. You will have a group of men who understand when you need to study and can’t come to a meeting, because we’re in the same position.

We’ll support – and expect – your commitment to study and academic excellence, because it’s consistent with our values and our own personal goals. Just ask a few of our current brothers and many will tell you they may not have made it through their degree without the help of their Triangle brothers and the academic plan our chapter offers.

I don't want to be hazed.

Good, because we don’t treat men like that and have zero tolerance for hazing. Our new member education program is based on orientation, education and values. We want you to know about Triangle history and traditions, but we also want you to be a fully functional and contributing member of the chapter and potential leader for your campus and community.

Furthermore, each one of our brothers signs an anti-hazing statement in our student code of conduct.

How can you help me get a job before I graduate?

Perhaps the coolest thing about Triangle is its focus on STEM professions, so almost all our alumni are direct connections with careers and companies you want. Most other fraternities don’t have that kind of network. It starts to benefit you through access to internships and co-ops, but there also are a lot of mentoring relationships that develop and continue past college.

A few of our most successful alumni tell us it was a Triangle connection that helped them secure financing for their new company or find just the right person to fill an important leadership position. The fact that so many Triangle brothers are engineers and researchers provides a unique connection and frame of reference. It also means we have a lot of really smart people who are good at solving problems.

But perhaps the best part of helping you find a job by graduation is the skills we build in our brothers. The social and leadership skills Triangle can provide to otherwise smart men can make the difference between a job where you sit in a cubicle crunching numbers or one that puts you in front of clients or in charge of project teams. There are a lot of brilliant engineers and scientists who don’t know how to talk with people. That’s an advantage we want you to have and one that is recognized by employers.